Lawrence (Wales) and Max (Germany)

In March this year, bone marrow donor Max and patient Lawrence met for the first ever time!

When Lawrence Trace, 59, from Wales was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2005, his only hope was a bone marrow transplant.
There was only one suitable match on the worldwide register – 21 year old Max Jeckeln from Raunheim, Germany.

Max donated his stem cells at a hospital in Germany, which were delivered to the University Hospital of Wales the next day, and within hours Lawrence received his transplant.

The pair built up a close friendship over letters, emails and phone, and the family were keen to meet Max, so they arranged a flight for him to visit Wales and stay with them!

The Welsh Blood Service and the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry were honoured to be joined by them both at their headquarters with Dr Keith Wilson, who worked with the bone marrow team and the donor centre in Germany to ensure the donor cells arrived safely, which saved Lawrence’s life.