Media Materials

Thank your donors!

Here you can download materials to celebrate World Marrow Donor Day. You can download materials for flyers, posters, flags and banners when you click on the left button.

You can also support World Marrow Donor Day and thank donors in your social media networks! For example you can exchange the cover photo on your Facebook profile or like our Facebook page. We have prepared a small folder containing useful templates. Just click on the right button and you can download our logo.

Printed materials


Description Format File type
WMDD logo All formats EPS
Poster / info A2 format idml (InDesign)
Flag 1 100 x 300cm idml (InDesign)
Flag 2 150 x 100cm idml (InDesign)
Roll-up banner 85 x 200cm idml (InDesign)

Download materials

*Brandguide included

Social Media materials


Description Format File type
WMDD logo all formats PNG, JPEG
Facebook header 1200 x 444 pixels JPEG
Facebook profile image 520 x 520 pixels JPEG
Facebook promo banner 500 x 500 pixels PNG, JPEG

Download materials

*Brandguide included with ready to go Twitter tweets