Lawrence (Wales) and Max (Germany)

In March this year, bone marrow donor Max and patient Lawrence met for the first ever time! When Lawrence Trace, 59, from Wales was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2005, his only hope was a bone marrow transplant. There was only one suitable match on the worldwide register – 21 year old Max Jeckeln from Raunheim, Germany. Max donated his stem cells at a hospital in Germany, which were delivered to the University Hospital of Wales the next day, and within hours Lawrence received his transplant. The pair built up a close friendship over letters, emails and phone, and the…

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What Is A Marrow Donor?

A marrow or blood stem cell donor is a volunteer adult person who is willing to donate cells for blood stem cell or marrow transplantation. Some donate to a family member, others donate to a patient somewhere in the world and who is not a family member.

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Why World Marrow Donor Day?

To thank all donors worldwide; Unrelated donors, family donors, cord blood donors, donors who already have donated, and donors who are on the global registry waiting to donate. To raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about being a stem cell donor and the impact of blood stem cell transplantation on patients’ live.

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Thanking all donors worldwide

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